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Data as a Platform

Data as a Platform

The era of viewing through application lens is over.

Revolutionized IT

Beyond BI

 Analytics beyond Business Intelligence

The wealth of unstructured data available to business must be tapped with a mix of technologies to fully lever large its value.

Engineering Solutions

Clouds Cloud Computing

Hybrid Clouds –  SaaS and PaaS combined with internal apps with boath private and public clouds will cement IT ‘s role as a driver of business groath and change the face of enterprise computing as Enterprise 2.0,3.o,..

Start of Hybrid Engineering Systems

Evolutionary Security Security Evolves

IT ‘s fortress mentality is giving way to a security architecture that respond in proportional to threats as they happen; security systems will be more automated.

Genetic Algorithms – Agent Technology – Evolutionary Solutions

Social Networking Data Boom Social Network Data Boom

Companies now collect massive amounts of data about individuals and communities; analytics are needed to leverage it.

What’s next

User Experience Matters User experience matters

Today, companies are driven by the need to optimize and reduce costs. Tomorrow they will need to focus application design on the streamlining the user experience.

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